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“H & M is love”

H & M is the perfect place to shop if you're looking for something cute for a really cheap price. They have a broad range of clothing, from funky, retro, sophisticated, to formal attires (for work, office, etc.)!
435 7th Ave
New York, NY
(212) 643-6955

“Cheap fashion comes in dozens”

Forever 21
This place is awesome! I love their skirts, dresses, blouses, and scarfs! Forever21 is the perfect place for good fashion with cheap price; you don't have to spend more than $20 to get a cute outfit, or even less if they're having a sale! The downside is, the store is sometimes too crowded, you'll have to wait a long time before being able to try on a shirt , which gets frustrating, and I'd sometimes just throw the piece of clothing back on the rack and walk out of the store. I do find the store in Soho to be less crowded than this one, though.
4 Union Sq S
New York, NY
(212) 228-0598


Tina Employment Agency
Period. First, you come here, you pay them money, you ask them to find you a job, and they treat themselves like they're all high and mighty.
They are totally rude, mostly to workers. When i was there, there was this completely clueless guy who obviously just got to New York and had no idea how to reach the destination where his job interview would be held. The only thing the worker said was: "Go take the bus at 4:30. You understand me? You understand me?" (not in a friendly manner either), and just "shoo"-ed the guy away. The guy, in the end, had to resort to his friends, who of course, are clueless as well.
I mean, this guy PAID you MONEY. He did his part of the deal, so how come you didn't do yours?
And not to mention that the worker YELLED at me when I was asking a question, like I was asking her to give me the key to her house or something. I don't know if it's just that particular day, and that everybody's moody that day, or if they just suck.
I'll go with the latter.
15 Doyers St Ste 17
New York, NY
(212) 571-8888

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