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“Treatment from Hell”

Andreas Kraebber MD
My husband and I were recently watching the new podcast "The Shrink next door ", and it brought back harrowing memories of our sons supposed "treatment" with Dr. Andreas Kraebber. He did real damage to both my son and to our family. He had undue influence over our son (basically put him under his spell), and caused huge amounts of emotional pain for us all. He is a smooth talking corrupt charlatan who lies and has a huge god complex. Don't make the same mistake our family did and get lulled into trusting him based on a strong referral, a park avenue office, fancy degrees, and persuasive salesmanship. Trusting him with our sons mental health and life was the biggest mistake our family ever made. That podcast stirred up painful memories for our family that will probably always leave deep scars with us. Our family made a very large financial, time, and emotional investment in our sons treatment because we love him, and all we have to show for it is pain and regret. That podcast was spot on how these high priced egomaniac self dealing "shrinks to the rich", use their patients (often wealthy and successful or children of them) vulnerabilities for their own personal and financial gain. And instead of healing cause irreparable harm to both their patients and patients families. And they usually get away with it...With our son, he was a power hungry huckster who got him to blame everyone. He is obsessed with you seeing things his way, and doesn't have an ounce of humility. He lacks a moral compass. He sucked our son into a multiple time a week multi year treatment by using all types of manipulative techniques. . My apologies for the very emotional review, but I wanted to be clear and honest about our experience and about how he made our family feel. His "treatment" was the definition of malpractice. Thankfully our son got himself out of
what he calls his "treatment from hell".
876 Park Ave
New York, NY
(212) 874-4984

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