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“Pharmacy Technician Harasses People Online”

This Walgreens employs a pharmacy technician that posted a lewd photo of me on her Facebook account.

The photo was circulated and lead to threats of dismemberment, death threats, cyberstalking, and harassment from strangers in the Salem/Eugene/Portland area starting in 2013. There are regular resurgences of harassment that continue today.

When the pharmacy technician posted the photo it eventually lead to embarrassing false accusations and negative attention from private investigators and vigilantes that lead to job loss and permanent damage to my reputation.

I attempted to contact the pharmacy technician directly to resolve the issue but they refused to respond. I tried to contact Walgreens HR about the issue but they will not respond appropriately given relevant information. I also contacted several law enforcement agencies about the issue and they do not have the ability or resources to resolve the matter.

Walgreens should not employ people who are this clueless about the consequences of their actions.
699 Wallace Rd NW
Salem, OR
(503) 428-5073

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