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“Harmful Into Adulthood”

Church of Christ Vale Rd
After attending this congregation for 22 years, and still receiving years of ongoing therapy, I can honestly say this place is not the best for fostering your faith and growing in love. I have not stepped foot in this building since 2015, and never plan to again. I feel it's a legalistic church who is known for condemnation, judgment, and causing division based on political beliefs and their specific interpretation of the Kings James bible. I also feel it has some very self-righteous people that are toxic and destructive to others who do not exactly agree with their opinions or views. The amount of times I heard harsh and hurtful comments in sermons or classes regarding Muslims, Catholics, other denominations, 'homosexuals', Democrats/Obama, and even other churches of Christ is simply far too many. When you're there and surrounded by it, you slowly get accustomed to it. After time, the harmful rhetoric/behaviors do start to feel normal and if you're not doing the same - you're not right with God. In fact, even going to other churches of Christ, you start to believe they are 'wrong', 'too liberal', or 'lost' if they do anything slightly different from Vale Rd. As someone who was raised in this church building & community, I can tell you it has drastic and damaging affects on your life into adulthood. It is my hope others who have also been impacted can find healing, a loving & welcoming Christ community, and a stronger relationship with God.
680 Vale Rd
Springfield, OH
(937) 322-3535

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