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“Incompetent Service, Rude Tech”

Wadsworth Electric Co
If I could give zero stars to this establishment I would. We called them to diagnose an electrical problem with a kitchen light that had begun intermittently blinking after my husband had taken off the shade and cleaned it and then put it back on.The guy (Ted) came and promptly decided that it was a faulty fixture, and since he had only been at our house for ten minutes, and was going to charge us for a full hour, told us he would go to Home Depot and get us a new fixture (return our old one) and install it for us. So he comes back the next day, with a very ugly, very cheap fixture, and installs it. The light does not blink after he installs it, and it appears fixed for the moment. I tell my husband later, this fixture isnt my style, lets take it down and get another, so he takes the fixture down, and when he does so, one of the wires literally comes off in his hand, because it was hanging by a thread and connected only by a thread of tape (about 4" of wire fell off and it was blackened and charred at the end where it was broken) -- the wire was half broken the whole time, hence the blinking of the fixture, and why it started blinking after my husband jarred it by cleaning the shade. The original fixture hadnt been bad at all, this guy just didnt know how to diagnose an electrical problem, and apparently didnt notice or care that the wire was half broken (incidentally a huge fire risk) and just jiggled everything around until it appeared to work again and hooked it back up and charged us $100. We called and asked him to come back when we discovered the wire and he arrived with a very bad attitude, obviously did not want to be there. When I questioned him about fixing it he then told me that my husband had broken the wire when he was removing the fixture (which he did not, it had been hanging by tape basically), he refused to accept any culpability in not diagnosing or fixing the problem, and when I expressed my incredulity, he said that he had already wasted enough time on us. I then asked him to leave, and he then spat at me "Oh, gladly!". When I told him he could count on a bad review he told me that he HOPED that I wrote one (well, here it is!). Needless to say, I wont use Wadsworth again, and I will make sure that everyone I know is made aware of the terrible service I received.
1715 Exchange St
Astoria, OR
(503) 325-5501

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