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“My piano was not moved with care.”

Triumph Moving & Storage
I am not one to usually get upset.....but.....I called your company because all of your pictures show customer's pianos being moved with upmost care and all pianos being moved on dollys. Well.....mine wasn't. But instead it was pushed across the blacktop parking lot on it's wheels and definitely NOT on a dolly. I didn't pay $250.00 to have my piano moved without being covered and pushed across the unlevel parking log just because it had wheels. Are you serious????? And every customer and their items that they put in your care to move for them should be viewed as a priceless possession. Tell me why do you advertise your business on your piano moving website with ALL pianos you move for them being moved on dolly's. Every one of them are being moved on dollys. Why wasn't mine?? By the way......if you are moving possessions that belong to customers.....whether the piano is brand new or is 20 years old or so.....each item you move for customers should be viewed as priceless to you as they are to your customers. And my calling your company and sharing my frustrations with Becki and then with you the only viewed my complaint as a $50.00 discount and that you were going to start moving per the customer's specifications. All moves should be moved per the customer's specifications and how they want their possessions moved. You don't decide that. Anyways, Is that all my concerns about how badly my piano is worth to you then there is a definite problem. All I can say is that if you advertise the moving of pianos on your piano moving website as each piano moved will be on a dolly then all pianos should be......then if not you are being deceptive to customers. The way you moved my piano today is NOT PROFESSIONAL AT ALL. I am quite upset.
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