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“Please do NOT call Park's TV. You will regret it...”

Park's Tv
I have an older projection TV that gave out. I called Park's TV and Mr. Park came to fix the circuitboard. He charged me $445. Not wanting to replace my TV, I paid him. Big mistake. Less than a day later, the TV won't turn on again. I call Mr. Park and he promises to come by and fix it. He makes 6 appointments with me. Each time he never shows up. Sometimes he calls and gives some excuse about being busy or something. Finally his son calls and says that they need to take the TV to their house to repair it. I say okay. He comes and takes the TV. 6 weeks later no TV. No call. Nothing. I call them and they say they can't fix the TV. I say then give me my money back. They say okay.

It's 3 months later and no check. Nothing. I call John Park (the son) and he says, "I don't know what happened, I'll get the check out to you right away".

Of course, no check.

We're in the process of filing a lawsuit against Park's TV. But perhaps they've been down this road before because they won't even accept the certified mail for the lawsuit. I'm short 1 bigscreen TV and $445.

Unless you want an experience like this. Please don't call Park's TV. It's excuse after excuse after excuse. Not only did they fail at the repair. They took my TV. And I still haven't gotten my money back.
3289 Barnes Cir
Glendale, CA
(323) 255-1662

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