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“Tony is gone. No chefs. Just cooks here.”

Tony's Town Square Restaurant
YellowBot Location Based on Disney’s classic animated film Lady and the Tramp, Tony’s Town Square Restaurant serves classic Italian dishes.

The restaurant has an interesting Disney-vibe throughout its spaces with framed stills from the film hanging on the walls and although some of the colors of their furniture are a bit over-the-top, they did a nice job keeping it spacious and family-friendly.

Tony’s is divided into three sections: two indoor seating areas with booths in one room and metal tables and chairs in another. And the third, is an outdoor eating area with the view of Main Street.

Be ready. Unless you have a reservation for lunch and dinner during rush hour, you'll be waiting for a while.

As with most Italian restaurants, Tony’s starts you off with a complimentary dish of bread and olive oil while you wait for your meal. And once you are served, you’ll see that the food presentation along with the taste is very basic. So, it’s overpriced and the menu choices are limited.

Overall, the sauces tasted good but in general the dishes were average, at best. However, their service and staff was first-class – genuinely friendly – even during dining rush hour.
1365 W Monorail Way
Lake Buena Vista, FL
(407) 824-6311

“A successful but impersonal experience that took longer than expected”

Kelley & Grant, P.A.
YellowBot Location I had an okay experience with Kelley & Grant P.A. After many mishaps, delays and mistakes by their firm, it took 72 days for my eviction and legal services to be completed. I first contacted them on May 27, 2019 and the eviction date with the local Sherriff officers to get my tenants out was on August 7, 2019 – that’s 72 days later, and this was an uncontested eviction.

Here is the breakdown of what I paid Kelley & Grant, P.A. for a 2-tenant, Possession-Only eviction.
Attorney Fees $195 (advertised)
Court Filing Fee $190
Summons $10
Process Server $40
Additional Tenant $50
3-Day Notice $80
Writ of Possession $95

Also, here are a few things that were not disclosed to me before paying their attorney’s fees from the beginning:

• Their $195 attorney’s fees amount is for their legal services and communications exclusively via email only. You don’t speak with any attorney. Throughout the entire eviction process, you are communicating with a paralegal all of the time. And for repeated calls they will charge you $150 per half-hour.
• If you use a PO BOX address in the notice that will be served to the tenants, it is an additional 5 days
• They provided me with 2 forms to complete on my own, with email instructions: Notice of Intention to Impose Claim on Security Deposit & Notice of Right to Reclaim Abandoned Property – so, no personal service to help me complete what I should put or not put.
• When the eviction was completed, they put my email in a marketing mailing list (without asking me) to try and sell me a “Property Management Package” and other legal forms.

Overall, it was a successful but impersonal experience that took longer than expected.
2255 Glades Rd
Boca Raton, FL
(877) 871-8300

“The Java Passion of the Sky That Keeps Brewing On”

Pasion Del Cielo
YellowBot Location CORAL GABLES, FL. – Conveniently and strategically located in the heart of The Gables, Pasion del Cielo seems to keep up its momentum since it open its doors and it’s a better alternative than the beaten path of Starbucks and Einstein Bros. Bagels on Miracle Mile.

At brunch time I noticed that there are no formalities here. Flip-flops, t-shirts and double-breasted suits all waited in line to get their java fix.

As a coffee connoisseur, I didn’t notice a huge taste difference among all of their high-altitude coffee beans. Their Brazilian blend which they rate as a “low acidity” didn’t have a distinctive taste and it was medium in acidity. And if you take your coffee with cream or milk it probably won’t taste any differently than Starbucks’ roasted brand.

But aside from their coffee taste, Pasion del Cielo does have a very cool décor, especially at night. Comfortable couches with cushions and leather sofa seats are a clear indication that they want you to sit, enjoy your coffee and stay long after you finish.

However, the most comfortable seats are always taken by students with laptops or people that come over to work out of the café. The shop has lots of plugs to connect devices and the WiFi is pretty fast here.

Thunder struck in the sky as I took my last drink, and the dark clouds were fast approaching. It was a sign to move on. Keep moving and don’t look back. The passion of the sky will always be with you.

#PasiondelCieloCoffee #Barista #Coffee #CoffeeCulture #CoffeeLovers #CoffeePorn #ColdBrewCoffee #CoralGables #Espresso #Food #FoodPorn #MiamiCoffee #MiamiFoodie #MiamiHangout
100 Giralda Ave.
Coral Gables, FL
(305) 448-0007

“The Star at Shorty’s is their slow cooked baby back ribs with their famous BBQ sauce”

Shorty's Bar Bq
YellowBot Location SOUTH MIAMI, FL. – One the last American-style, western-theme restaurants in the city, Shorty’s BBQ continues to spice the palates of locals and travelers alike. I had 48-hours left in Miami and I couldn’t leave without tasting that famous homemade BBQ sauce of theirs.

I went cruising down South Dixie Highway at high noon, when I saw their iconic flagship store with its bright red neon lights that read “SHORTY’S.” Just then, I flashed back in time. Edward Louis “Shorty” Allen, who started the business back in 1951 from a barbecue stand, passed away in 2013 at the age of 104 (Woah!) But he left a legacy that it is unique to South Florida and its community.

I parked my car, went in and sat down.

“I’ll have the beef brisket, ma’am – with ice tea” I said. When I tried it was a bit heavy on the pepper seasoning, but overall an excellent choice.

Aside from their nostalgic décor, the true star of the restaurant is their slow cooked baby back ribs with that famous sauce only found at Shorty’s. Other items on the menu include the beef spare ribs, chicken, pulled pork sandwiches, brisket, and of course their delicious coleslaw which is always chock full of celery salt which gives it a great tasted and creaminess at the same time. The corn on the cob is sweet, perfectly cooked and drenched in butter – the way it’s meant to be eaten. And a small side or BBQ baked beans makes this dish complete.

#ShortysBBQSouthMiami #bbqpit #pork #chicken #beef #bbqrestaurant #westernrestaurant #miamirestaurant #americanrestaurantsinmiami #foodnearme #likealocal #localguides
9200 S Dixie Hwy
Miami, FL
(305) 670-7732

“Cool visit at Starbucks”

Starbucks Coffee
YellowBot Location Good Coffee - good times
10690 NW 19th St
Miami, FL
(305) 468-3998

“How can a little square hold so much cheese and great taste? Frankie knew how”

Frankie's Pizza
YellowBot Location BY: DAVEGARCIA.NET - Driving westbound on Bird Road I spotted a vintage sign that reached to the clear blue Miami sky, with flashing marquee lights that read “Frankie’s Pizza.”

Some said it served one of the top-ten pizzas in Miami. Still, others boasted it was one of the top-five. But the hardcore fans claimed it to be the #1 pizza in Miami.

It was delicious! A soft little square that was crunchy and tasty at the same time. How did Frankie do it? What was he secret? Regardless, I agree with many fellow Miamians – this was definitely one of the best pizzas in town if you were driving down the road and you got the munchies.
9118 SW 40th St
Miami, FL
(305) 221-0221

“Relax, Take 5 and have a “Cortadito” – the best one in downtown Miami”

Las Palmas Cafeteria
YellowBot Location BY: DAVEGARCIA.NET -- Las Palmas Cafeteria doesn’t have the best dish presentation but it certainly has an authentic Cuban Cuisine and homemade flavor to their menu. If you are hungry and on a budget Las Palmas is by far the most economical place in downtown Miami to have a full, great meal at and awesome price. Tasty and nice size portions are served.

When I worked in downtown Miami, this was my favorite place to enjoy a break in the day and do a little people watching while enjoying my coffee.

It’s neither spacious nor fancy. If you do want to grab lunch here be prepared to wait at least 10 – 15 minutes, but they do serve you a slice of Cuban bread toast with butter while you wait.
209 SE 1st St
Miami, FL
(305) 373-1333

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