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“Towing A Disabled Veteran”

Parking Enforcement Systems Inc
First, I don't want to give a star at all, but apparently I have to give at least a one star...way to high.

Second, I normally only drive downtown to go to the VA hospital. I had just left the VA and I was looking for a bldg. off of 2nd Ave. N. The GPS told me to turn right (down the wrong way) and I turned into a parking area, which I swore said Public Parking. I pulled into one of the empty Handicap Parking spaces (I have a handicap tag). I arrived at 1730 (5:30 pm). I didn't know where the bldg. was located and I asked a gentleman where the bldg. was located. I went and asked my question, came out and my vehicle was gone. I thought my car had been stolen in the whole two minutes I might have been gone. I heard a car alarm that sounded like mine to my right and I saw my car on the back of a tow truck that was up under the car garage, they were stopped. I guess when they tripped my alarm, they stopped and got out. They saw me coming and asked if that was my car. In the course of the conversation, the driver started some paperwork and asked what time it was, it was literally 5 minutes from the time I had arrived to the time he was writing the paperwork. I asked how long it took him to "hook up" my vehicle and his answer was three minutes.

So tell me, did they not see me asking for directions? I would not purposely illegally park. FIVE minutes from the time I parked to the time the paperwork was being written and I was charged $166..40 ($6.40 was because I wasn't walking around with $160.00 cash on me.) Please tell me what "private parking" area has handicap parking spaces? Wouldn't private parking have numbered parking? And did a company calls on a car that just parked, in a handicapped space, no less? What tow truck is towing a vehicle less than a minute after the vehicle parks, even if it appears to be illegally parked? Wouldn't the owner of the property have to contact the tow company to have it removed?

I didn't get the chance to see what the signs said, that he said were all over. I was called back to sign documents when I went to look at the signs. I do know that when you are driving, and everyone else is driving 20 miles over the speed limit, trying to see signs is difficult. I could have sworn I saw a huge sign that said public parking when I turned in to park.

I will tell you that just after I left, that same tow truck circled the street and went right back up in the same parking lot. This company has some pretty aggressive and sneaky way of doing business. I am going to make sure to warn everyone I know of the robbery tactics used by this company and how they steal peoples vehicles in order to rob them of their hard earned money.
2101 6Th Ave N
Birmingham, AL
(205) 324-7275

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