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Erron Silverstein

West Hollywood, CA
Ithaca, NY


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“Great Moving Company!”

A Better Way To Move
I used A Better Way to Move for our office after several employees told me of their positive personal experience. After an initial consultation, they gave us a bid with a maximum price for the move. On a brutally hot day, A Better Way to Move made two trips to move all of our furniture and supplies and actually took about 1/3 less time than even they thought. Hopefully, we won't need to move any time soon, but I would definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends/associates.
146 W 134TH St
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 397-1222

“If you have to get towed, get towed here!”

Hollywood Tow Svc
I recently had my car towed to this location. It's clean, professional and efficient. Although I was borderline angry, I was impressed by the staff (LAPD) and facility plus the speed with which I was able to retrieve my car, which was 100 % intact.
1015 N Mansfield Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 466-5421

“Great Korean BBQ!”

Park's Bbq
Park's is a phenomenal Korean BBQ. I just put away two orders (marinated short rib kalbi and bulkogi) even though I thought one was enough. Park's also has the most sides of any Korean BBQ I have been to ever. It is crowded for a good reason, so either get there and be prepared to wait a little or get there early. The prices are very reasonable, but a little higher than some other nearby BBQ's, but it is definitely worth it! They have their own parking, too, so you have to drive south on Vermont if you want to go there.
955 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 380-1717

“Great Informative Insurance Agent”

Bridgitte Fanous Farmers Insurance
I've used Bridgitte Fanous for several years for a variety of professional and personal insurance policies. She is extremely informative and helpful in crafting the policy that I need and always spends enough time afterwards to make sure that everything is right (and checking up to make sure that I keep my coverage on target as things change.)
300 E Magnolia Blvd, Suite 510
Burbank, CA
(818) 556-6777

“Great Gourmet Snacks”

Cube Marketplace & Cafe
Cube has some amazingly creative snacks plus great meals in an informal and creative space. There is a wine/cheese bar, sidewalk dining and a few tables inside. It's very edgy and the food is phenomenal, similar to a Roman enoteca. There is a lot of gourmet food (cheese, condiments, honey, pasta, charcuterie, candy, etc.) as well as pizzas, pasta and salads. Hint: street parking on LaBrea is impossible between 4-7 weekdays because of traffic, so try to get to Cube for lunch, after 7 or try to valet it.
615 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 939-1148

“Decent Lunch Quality Tacos”

Wahoo's Fish Taco
Wahoo's is a good place to get tacos and Baja-ish Mexican food for lunch, before a movie, while shopping, etc. They have a pretty good selection, the store location/environment are convenient and relaxing, etc. Although I wouldn't go here for dinner, I wind up going for work lunches because the food tastes good and is a good value (read: very large portions.)
201 E Magnolia Blvd Ste 381
Burbank, CA
(818) 843-3665

“Good Korean Restaurant in WeHo”

Jian BBQ
Jian has pretty good Korean food and a great bar, but is located in West Hollywood instead of Koreatown. It has a lot traditional Korean dishes but is more contemporary/trendy in its outlook. The decor inside is really fun, with a giant foggy buddha head and giant robots. Prices are fair and the staff is always nice without any snoot factor.
8256 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 655-6556

“Amazing Bakery”

Deising's Bakery & Coffee Shop
Deising's is a spectacular gem of a bakery. Not only do they have the ability to make great cakes, cookies, pastries, etc. but they have a huge number of seasonal specials, depending on the holidays. Also, it is convenient for breakfast or coffee and they cater, too.
584 Broadway
Kingston, NY
(845) 338-1580

“Unexpected Treasure in Kingston”

Aria Grill
This weekend, I was starving after a long drive so decided to get dinner at Aria with a friend. I was shocked by how amazingly tasty that the food was. There are both vegetarian and kabab dishes, but my favorites were the banjan boorani (eggplant with yogurt sauce) and the naringe palau (orange/saffron and pistachio rice) is out of this world! Save some room for dessert and the cardamon tea, too. There is lots of street parking on Broadway nearby.
608 Broadway
Kingston, NY
(845) 339-2742

“Freaking Crazy Big Frys”

Fry's Electronics
This Frys is huge - it has a flying saucer and giant ants, martians and robots. The staff seems a little too preoccupied to help out most of the time. The robots and the martians seem more helpful and friendly.
2311 N Hollywood Way
Burbank, CA
(818) 526-8100

“Tasty Organic Burgers”

O! Burger (Reported Closed)
O! Burger is an organic burger joint with a small menu, but everything is delicious and--burgers notwithstanding--healthy. The ingredients are premium and the menu is small to keep up the quality. Don't expect the soda fountain; it's ice tea to drink. Also, the interior decor is either sustainable, green, recycled, etc. which may help more with vibes than with taste, which is already fine. Logically, the price is more than your standard burger joint, but you are paying for quality. The staff was really nice and helpful when I was there. The only drawback is that since it is on Santa Monica, parking is at a premium. I find that I have to either walk or go there at odd hours since O! Burger is usually packed.
8593 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA
(310) 854-0234

“When You Need Donuts in a Hurry”

Donut Prince
Donut Prince is a classic donut shop. The sign alone should drag you in from Olive - it's a 1950's style icon. I stop by on the way to work to grab a large coffee and a couple of donuts. They have a lot of good fritters, too. There are several flavors of of coffee available from dispensers.
1721 W Olive Ave
Burbank, CA
(818) 841-0859

“Great LASIK Surgeon”

Maloney Vision Institute
Maloney Vision Institute is an great LASIK facility. You pay a more for the extra service, but you definitely get what you pay for. First of all, they spend time examining you to make sure you are a good candidate for the surgery. This is a place which takes its time to get the job done, not churning customers. Dr. Maloney and his staff are very professional and the office is a nice Westwood office building. There is a high degree of after care, too.

I used to wear thick glasses for years but Maloney fixed it for me back in 2005. After the initial interview, the biggest problem was finding time for the surgery! (A lot of people want to get it done.) Give yourself a day or two to take it easy after the surgery then plan on weekly followup visits for about a month to make sure everything is OK. Also, Maloney is a big star in this field and you will see stars, politicians and businessmen passing through a lot. I think he does LASIK for Extreme Makeover.
10921 Wilshire Blvd # 900
Los Angeles, CA
(310) 208-3937

“Nice Cafe with Wifi”

Caff�� Etc
Caffee Etc. has a great selection of coffee, sandwiches and salads. It's right in the middle of the Selma/Cahuenga developments, so is an unexpectedly welcoming and affordable area. (This neighborhood is transitioning from downwardly to upwardly mobile and trendy very rapidly, so there are a lot of new and exciting restaurants. Caffe Etc. delivers in VW bugs and has both wifi and metered street parking nearby, so it is a convenient place to get a snack and a coffee while checking your email. There is a large newsrack, too.
6371 Selma Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 464-8824

“Great Relaxing Fun for Friends & Family”

Pickwick Gardens-Premier
Pickwick is a great place for kids of all ages to relax and unwind. It's very kid friendly and a lot more fun if you are in a big group of friends and family. Pickwick has been there forever; it's an institution.
1001 W Riverside Dr
Burbank, CA
(818) 845-5300

“Fun Sushi in 90210”

Luckyfish has a wide range of choices in both sushi and other tasty Japanese treats. It arrives by a circuitous conveyor belt which is fun for both kids as well as adults drinking lots of sake. Most dishes cost only4-8 dollars with reasonable portions, so definitely feel free to eat as much as you can. There is some street parking, but the valet is up the street north on Cannon.
338 N Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA
(310) 274-9800

“Nice Little Sushi Restaurant”

Tenmasa Japanese Restaurant
Tenmasa is a dependable sushi restaurant, not a fancy Sunset Blvd. It's kind of the neighborhood sushi hang for the musicians and performers on the west end of the Sunset Strip. The food is really good and service is really personable. Street parking is a little hard to come by, so bring some quarters.
9016 W Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA
(310) 275-7808

“Viva Burt Reynolds!”

Swingers is where the 1970's live and rule. The staff is dressed like auto mechanics wearing uniforms with the Swingers logo, which is based on a race car. It's basically a diner with some healthy and tasty food. It's the kind of place to show up for a relaxing breakfast or some food after hitting a few bars. The menu is filled with a collage of 1970's icons. There is a counter if you just want to get a breakfast or a burger. Swingers is part of the Beverly Motor Lodge, but it is totally open to the public. Downsides: Swingers heyday was around 1993 and they have really slow pitiful service. Even if the paint is drying for breakfast, don't count on timely service--meaning a wait until they feel ready to serve you. There is a lot of street parking.
8020 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 653-5858

“Great Sushi in An Unexpected Place”

Ajisai is a superior tasty sushi restaurant. I have never had a less than delectable experience with fresh fish. There is a lot of artistry in the food presentation, too. You may drive past it since it is just north of Santa Monica Blvd. by the car wash. Definitely stop by Ajisai.
809 N Palm Ave
West Hollywood, CA
(310) 652-7014

“"Drive Thru" Bagels”

Collegetown Bagels Express
Finally, a place to go for drive in bagels! It has the great "Collegetown Bagels" taste but you can sit down and not even have to leave your car. I think it's convenient but you do miss some of the 1970's funky Collegetown bagels vibe.
209 S Meadow St
Ithaca, NY
(607) 273-3984

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