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“Take your car somewhere else”

Census Auto Repair & Sales
What a deceitfully horrible experience! I called last week to make an appointment to get a diagnostics for my car. I explained to the gentleman on the phone that I have a code reader at home, so I am not seeking someone who is going to attach a code reader to my car exclusively, but one that would look into what the cause of my problems was. The gentleman on the phone agreed and went into this whole dialogue about why you cannot solely rely on the code reader, etc., etc. After speaking with him, he appeared knowledgeable, I was comfortable, and I made an appointment for today May 19th at 9 am.

Here is when things went wrong. I showed up at the shop this morning at 8:30 am to check in for my appointment. The gentleman whose work shirt said Tay, said he could not find an appointment for me in their system. Tay then asks me what the problems were with my car. I explained to him, that after I come to a complete stop and then accelerate it feels like my car hesitates. Tay said, are there any dashboard lights on in your car. I said, no. Tay said well how do you know it is your engine. I said, I never stated that it was my engine. I have no idea what the cause may be. Then Tay says, so what you are saying is when you start your car up, you think the engine shifts more than normal? I said I did not mention that. I never said it occurs when I start my car up; I said when I accelerate it feels like it hesitates after coming to a complete start. I also never said, I thought it was the engine because I do not know.

Tay then says well if I put it on the machine and there are no lights on, the machine is going to pass it. I told Tay that I spoke to another gentleman on the phone and he said that a diagnostic included more than a coder reader and that I had a code reader at home. So there is no need to pay someone else for services that I can do myself at home. Tay said, okay and then started clicking someone on his computer. When he was finished, he looked up at me and said well I am not sure. If there are no lights on your dashboard, I do not understand why you would think it was your engine. At that point, Tay and Census could not do anything to service my car. I would not even feel comfortable with them washing and shining its tires.

Don't take your car here! Not only is Tay the only personnel there this morning clearly knowledgeable of cars, but more importantly he lacks the basic comprehension skills to engage in simple dialogue. You are taking about the car hesitating after you accelerate and in his mind that translated to the engine shifting after you put the key in the engine. Beware, sub-par shop. I can see how you could go here looking for your tires to be rotated, and then they come back and tell you that your need a head gasket.
4434 Suitland Rd
Suitland, MD
(301) 736-5700

“Bad company and marginal staff”

Cds Logistics
BEWARE OF THIS VENDOR. I have nothing but problems with this vendor. I purchased 4 bi-fold closet doors in September from Home Depot and CDS Logistics is their associated installation vendor. When my doors arrived, they called and scheduled an installation. CDS and I had some small problems during our initial contact, but at the time I thought they were minor. Nonetheless still excited, I took off from work to accommodate their available installation schedule. After the installation was complete, the doors didnt "seem right" but I couldnt put my finger on it, additionally on of the doors was sticking and I had to force open it. I asked the installer about this, and he said "oh it's because they are new and overtime it will get better." I said okay and signed my installation paper which. On my original paperwork, the installer never mentioned anything extra was needed in the comment section. I signed the paper and moved on. A few weeks later, I noticed that the door which was given issues and constantly getting stuck on the track. Then I had an AHA moment as to why the doors didnt seem right, they were INSTALLED BACKWARDS. I immediately contacted the installer and spoke again with Sara Moore the Install coordinator/customer service rep for the company, and told her of the issues. She asked me to email her pictures of the doors, which I did. She then stated that she needed to schedule another time an installer could come out and that it would be a supervisor. AGAIN, I took off from work to accommodate. On the second installation time, who arrives to my house? Not the supervisor which was promised but the exact same installer who put the doors on backwards and lied about why I had to force the doors open. This time he says that in order to 'get the doors' he correct, he would need to drill new holes and move the knobs. This I dont understand but I'm highly fustrastrated, so I am like whatever. This installer now decided that he was going to "eyeball" new drills holes in my door!! We go back and forward and I am telling him that he was not going to 'eyeball' any holes in my doors and that he needed to measure, pencil, and make sure that the new markings were leveled. He proceeds to argue with me and tell me that he 'eyeballs' all the drill holes he puts into people's doors. ABSOLUTELY NOT! That I was not going to allow. After I felt with his attitude, he finally used the proper tools to properly drill the holes for the new knobs. Next I showed him the door which is hard to open and reminded him of what he told me originally that it would get better with time. NOW he says "oh, you need a new track" WHAT why was this not mentioned during my original installation!!! So funny, on the second installation sheet, he writes in the comment section "needs a new track" but the original was completely empty. Immediately I contacted Sara Moore again at CDS and she gives me another lie and excuse as to why she told me a supervisor would come and but sent the same inadequate installer to my home. Finally, this track was ordered and delivered to my house and things continues to go from bad to worse. The Home Depot Rep calls me and asked that I give him a call back when my tracks arrived at my house. He then calls me back and leaves a message and asked that I call him back at the Oxon Hill Home Depot store number and to ask for ANDRE. I am not certain about most things but certain it would be UNLIKELY he is the ONLY ANDRE IN A RETAIL STORE. I have tried calling him back several times. Once I was on hold forever. Once the person who answered the phone called me which "ANDRE" which I had no answer too because he didnt leave a last name in the voice mail. Once a gentleman name Brandon answer the phone and tried to locate this mysterious ANDRE with no last name and said that he had went to lunch and he would give him the message to call me back. That I am still waiting on. So, I then contacted Sara Moore again at CDS and now she is telling me that the only available installations times they have would again require ME to take off from work again to accommodate an installation that should have been FINISHED TWO MONTHS AGO BUT IT ISNT BECAUSE THIS COMPANY IS MARGINAL AT BEST. Should a solution not be the other way, and that is really accommodate my schedule at point? Nope CDS. My advice to all who reads this review. CAUTION with be executed when dealing with ANY HOME DEPOT who uses CDS Logisitics are their primary vendor for home repairs and installation. More than likely you would come out better hiring your own "side" vendor who could possibly provide better service outcomes than this 2 month debacle I have endeavor for a closet door.

1225 Bengies Rd # A
Middle River, MD
(410) 314-8000

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